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    Phone numbers: (+99871) 255-35-27 (fax)  (+99871) 255-27-65 (fax) (+99871) 255-29-98 (+99871) 255-10-97 …

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    Phone numbers: (+99871) 255-35-27 (fax)  (+99871) 255-27-65 (fax) (+99871) 255-29-98 (+99871) 255-10-97 …

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Транспортная логистика

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The purpose of Transportation Logistics is to move the cargo to the desired destination by the best route in required time at the lowest costs. In order to choose the most cost-efficient route of delivery of goods a client needs the knowledge of experts in this field.

Considerable work-experience helps the staff of our company in developing new schemes of cargo delivery which optimize the client’s expenses and reduce transit time of cargo transportation.

Our company is specialized in “door –to-door” cargo delivery in providing freight –forwarding services, import/export by sea, and auto, railway and air transportation of cargo. In many cases cargo cannot be delivered to the final destination only by one type of transport, in this case, we can use multimodal transportation.


An important advantage of multimodal transportation is reduction of cost and transit time through the use of several types of transport. Moreover, using one company for this service reduces the risk of additional expenses caused by lack of coordination between multiple carriers.

The advantages of using our company:

  • Our company assumes coordination between multiple carriers;
  • Responsibility for cargo safety during transportation lies on one company;
  • Cargo consolidation service for further singledispatch;
  • Terminal handling of cargo in the warehouses of the company (repackage, sorting, weighing, cargo storage);
  • Preparation of Export documents

Providing international multimodal cargo transportation is a responsible task, requiring coordinated work of all participants in the transportation of cargo, professionalism and knowledge of peculiarities oftransportation by different modes of transport.


Sea transportation is one of the effective ways of cargo delivery in intercontinental transportation. One of the important advantages is low cost of cargo transportation onlong-haul routes,regulated transit time, possibility of carrying a large assortment of goods with various characteristics, dimensions and weight.

Container shipping is the most popular, being a part of multimodal transportation. Use of containers gives us the possibility to deliver the cargo to the warehouse of CNEE without additional repacking of goods during the change of modes of transport. Due to this significant cost saving is achieved. Different types of container equipment offered by seacarriers allow the clients to carry different kinds of cargo while maintaining the benefits of container shipping which is that metal frame of containers keeps the cargo safe over the whole route of transportation. Due tothe above-mentioned advantages, container shipping by sea way holds a leading position in global logistics. Cooperation with sea carriers overmany years allows our company to obtain benefit rates and present our clients with the best options for cargo transportation. In order to save time, minimizerisks and reduce the overall costs of cargo transporting, beside sea freight (ocean freight), our company offers its clients the type of transportation called “pre-carriage” (delivery of cargo from the warehouse of shipper to the port of departure).

Complex approach toorganization of transportation and customs clearance allows us to solve the main task: to present our clients with the best ratio of time, cost and quality services.


International automobile transportation of cargo is one of the widely used forms of transportation. Main advantages of automobile transportation are the following:

  • Mobility and efficiency of cargo delivery.
  • Flexibility of routes allows you to make adjustments duringfreight traffic.
  • Developed network of highways.
  • The possibility of “door–to door” transportation from the warehouse of shipper to the CNEE without additional expenses for transfer reloading.
  • Cargo consolidation service in the warehouses for further transportation to the CNEE.
  • Sending goods by small mixed shipments.
  • Ease of transportation planning, lack of strict transport timetables.

Automobile transportation includes both the delivery of goods by separate vehicles as well as mixed shipments.

Delivery of mixed shipments is beneficial because of low cost services due to transportation of different types of goods in the same shipment. Besides providing automobile transportation for our clients, our company also offers services of consolidation freight, terminal handling, preparing of export documentsand customs clearance of cargo in Uzbekistan.


Railway transportation of cargo is commonly used when shipping goods over long distances. Indisputable advantages of this type of delivery are:

  • Weight-carrying capacity.
  • Low shipping rates on long distances compared to other modes of transport. • Reliable delivery schedules.
  • Regular trains schedules.
  • Possibility of overland transportation of heavy and oversized goods.

Railwaysnetworks in such countries as Europe, Asia, Russia, make it possible for us to use this kind of transportation of cargo for international transportation.

The disadvantages of railway transportation are such as following:impossibility of the delivery of cargo directly to the warehouse of the CNEE without using other means of transport but since our company offers full packages of forwarding services, this problem is easily solved.


Undoubtedly air transportation is the fastest way of cargo delivery with a clearlyplanned schedule andaccurate transit time.

In most cases air transportation is used for transportation of urgent small shipments of cargo, because increase in volume of goods leads to increase in rates. Particularly valuable perishable goods are packedin special containers before sending for safekeeping. Air transportation of dangerous cargo requires special knowledge ofspecifications of each type of such kind of cargo and legal documents, regulating such transportation.

Our company supplies not only air transportation of cargo, but also “door-to door” service of cargo, providing transportation to the airport of the country of origin, customs clearance and transportation from the airport to the Client’s warehouse.


  • We provide services for customs clearance of more than 18 years.
  • Enter the 10 largest customs brokers in Uzbekistan.
  • Using remote electronic declaration - clearance deadlines.
  • The personal manager for each client.


The company PE "Umum Hizmat" recruiting specialists in customs clearance (declarants)
With experience With the knowledge of the programs FEA-INFO, FEA-declarant, as well as logistics



  • (+99871) 255-35-27 (fax) 
  • (+99871) 255-27-65 (fax) 
  • (+99871) 255-29-98 
  • (+99871) 255-10-97 
  • (+99893) 546-36-61

Address: Shota Rustavelli str. 45, Yakasaray dist., Tashkent city, Uzbekistan

Postal code: 100100

Email: umumiy-xizmat@mail.ru